Oh happy day.


For us, Thursday is the absolute craziest day of the week. Trent has class from 9AM to 8:30PM, I have class, dance class and errands to run and by the time we make it back in the door, we both feel like we’ve just run a marathon. Friday always comes at just the right time. It also means that a new week is just around the corner with a clean slate. So here’s to Fridays, to the end of the week , to a weekend of adventure and for the chance to make the most of this crazy thing we call life.




There is something especially fun about Halloween. For me it creates opportunities to get out and do things with family and friends. On this particular fall night we grabbed Emma and Sam and headed to Lagoon! I haven’t been in years and it ended up being a blast. This adventurous chilly night with family was perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.



On a side note, we have officially moved all of our stuff out of our first house. Its amazing how attached you can get to a place after only being there a few short months. Trent is a champion and we were able to move everything down in no time. Everyday I gain a new sense of appreciation for T, not only is he my rock and my biggest support, but he constantly finds ways to love me even when I personally don’t think I’m the easiest to love. I am the luckiest.


Fall Break for the Win

Fall break always seems to come at the perfect time in the semester. It gives you a sense of freedom and survival and although you know school is going to hit you like a ton of bricks when you get back…you make the most of every moment. From adventures on four wheels, navigating the sand dunes, driving on deserted railroad tracks, exploring unknown worlds and hiking Angels Landing in Zion, you could say we gave it our best shot.


On a 4 Wheeler with this darling boy? I couldn’t help myself!


Little Sahara Sand Dunes: Greatest experience of my life.



I think I win the luckiest wife award. This man is incredible.

Angels Landing in Zion National Park is something I have always wanted to do and with friends like Kyle and Elsie it made the hike that much more fun. We all had a blast and Trent only freaked me out one time by going too close to the edge…




We highly recommend first, having a fall break and second, all of the above activities.


Life is light.

Isn’t that the truth. The purpose of this blog is both a fun project for us as well as an opportunity to share the good and the lovely that exists in the world today. We hope that by recording the light we see in the world, the darkness will dissipate even if just a little. So here we are, simply seeking to spread light.