Childress, TX


2,000 Miles later Trent and I made it home from a thrilling Thanksgiving vacation. It’s tradition in Trent’s family to head on over to Childress, a small little town in northern Texas, for Thanksgiving and through the 5 plus years that I’ve known Trent I’ve heard so much about this place I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. We were both so giddy driving into town it was hilarious. Childress has a rugged sort of beauty and we loved trying to capture as many moments as we could.




From the moment we got there, it was nonstop fun. We loved staying with family and it was my favorite to hear all the nieces and nephews whispering outside our bedroom door in the morning, they are a constant source of entertainment. We also got to meet the two new babies! (Twins are on their way in December making it a grand total of four new grandbabies in under four months on Trent’s side of the family. Whew!) We hunted, explored, swam, shot all sorts of guns and played until we couldn’t go any longer and then Trent and I began the long drive home after some delicious Texas BBQ.



We love our cute nieces and nephews! (Many are not pictured)



I don’t know why I love this picture so much but I do.


Camo for days…


Texas sunsets are unreal.

It was a truly wonderful Thanksgiving as we remembered the important things in life and spent time with family.

Trent had quite the Thanksgiving morning when some stray bullets hit him in the face. He handled it much better than I would have and we are all grateful that nothing hit him in the eyes. A definite miracle.


We had to document the battle wounds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now on to the Christmas festivities!


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