Deep Roots

It was early morning and Trent and I headed up to the farm. There are numerous reasons I love the farm; endless adventures up there, we learned a lot about each other up there, we got engaged up there, we lived up there. Needless to say, I love it up there. Driving up the lane in the quiet of morning, off on another adventure, always makes me happy. This particular morning we were looking for Elk. No luck in that category but we did traverse the countryside which was an adventure by itself. T knew I was getting tired so he took me back to the car to warm up for a bit while he went off to explore. I cranked the heat and quickly fell asleep.

Waking up to the hush of the snow covered fields was nothing short of magical. Luckily we brought the camera and although it took me a while to get the settings all situated, I captured some pictures. Nothing too crazy but I think the farm has a rustic beauty to it and when it’s covered in snow, it only adds to the magic.






It has been a wild week for us around here trying to figure out how to be adults. Finals are upon us and that makes for a whole bundle of stress alone. I’m reminded every day just how lucky I am to have Trent, to have our families, to have our beliefs and to be surrounded by the goodness in the world. I stumbled across this quote/poem the other day and I feel slightly disrespectful quoting J.R.R. Tolkien because I’ve only seen parts of the movies but here goes nothing…

“All that is gold

does not glitter,

not all those who wander are lost:

the old that is

strong does not

wither, deep roots

are not reached by the frost.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien


The last part resonated with me, “deep roots are not reached by the frost.” How do we deepen our roots so that the frost can’t reach us? An interesting thought, I’ll let you know if anything comes to mind.

Here’s to us surviving the week ahead. Thank goodness we’re in this together.


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