Spring Cleaning

The weather this past month has been nothing short of insane. It’s perfect spring weather one day and the next day it’s snowing. Today, it’s snowing. After one of the freak storms in April, there were branches all over the roads and it left a serious mess. I remember thinking that no plant or blossom could have survived this storm. Trent’s parent’s house was covered in branches so we went and helped his mom chop them up to clean up their yard. It was such a beautiful night. We ran around the yard picking up twigs and branches and Trent taught me how to use an ax. (It’s harder than it looks, haha) Many blossoms still survived to brighten the world and the day felt so light and happy.











It was a simple task, but it was one of those days that I felt so grateful to be where I am in my life right now. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t perfect. We still have our freak snowstorms and we can often get knocked down but just like those strong blossoms, we can come back brighter and stronger than ever. With that in mind, sometimes it takes a bit of effort and cleaning up to bounce back from the crazy side of life. Here are some of my thoughts on the best ways we can “spring clean” up our lives.

  1. Literally clean up. My house can often get a bit out of hand but when I take the time to pick up my surrounding space I feel so much better.
  2. Find something you enjoy doing and get better at it! I have just recently discovered editing photos in lightroom and it’s so much fun! Find something you want to learn or get better at and work at it.
  3. Spend time with people you love and actually “be there” when you’re with them. We can get so caught up in our phones and other distractions that we forget to actually be with the people we love.
  4. Spend time outside. On those perfect spring days, don’t stay cooped up inside! It can be as simple as just walking around the neighborhood, just get some sunshine. It makes all the difference.
  5. Quit comparing yourself to others. Your life is yours and you can’t forget that. Comparing turnings to complaining which turns to self-pity and then no one wants to be around you. Dedicate this spring time to loving you!

Happy spring my friends!


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