Krabi, Thailand

I finally got around to blogging the part of our Thailand trip that we spent in Krabi. It was unreal. Gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, amazing food, it couldn’t have been better. We pulled into our airbnb to find and it totally exceeded our expectations. We were staying in a little bungalow resort just of the coast. We were a short scooter ride from Ao Nang beach where there was lots of shopping and an amazing night life. There was also a darling Thai couple, Bob and Meaw, that took care of everything we needed and were so kind! Airbnb is definitely the way to travel and if you haven’t tried it yet, we totally recommend! Just make sure you read the reviews 😉

IMG_2233Our gorgeous pool that we had all to ourselves!



Shout out to Rad Swim for this darling suit! The material is so soft and super durable. It was one of my favorites from this trip!

Long Tail Boats

Our first day in Krabi we rented a long tail boat that took us to four different islands. The beaches were beautiful and the water was so warm. After we stopped at the last island we jumped off the boat and went snorkeling, it was amazing! There were so many moments during this trip that I just felt so lucky to be in Thailand with Trent.




















Discover Scuba- Scuba Diving 

The next day we went Scuba diving! Trent and I aren’t certified yet so we were able to do a discover scuba class where we don’t go as deep. It was an incredible experience! Our first dive was a simple dive to help us get to know the equipment and the feeling of everything. It was amazing! I always thought that I would be too scared to scuba dive but everything went so smoothly that there was  nothing to be afraid of. Our instructor was a darling girl from Thailand who is an amazing diver. She told us about all her cool experiences and she made us want to get certified and dive all the time. For the second dive we went through a cave under an island and it was incredible! I got a little sketched out when I saw some jellyfish in the water but our instructor and Trent were both right next to me so I was totally fine. It’s hard to express how amazing it feels to be standing on the ocean floor looking up at the light breaking through the surface and thousands of fish swimming around you. There is nothing like it.


Tiger Cave Temple

Our last day in Thailand we decided to go to Tiger Cave Temple. When we left the house the cute Thai couple warned us that it looked like rain, little did we know that we were about to get completely drenched, haha. Trent and I got soaked as we road through the streets of Thailand. It was epic and totally hilarious. Tiger Cave Temple sits on the top of a tall mountain, once we reached the base of the temple we began the climb. We heard that it was an intense hike but we had no idea what we were in for. We climbed over 1,200 steps and not just your average stairs, they were huge. We were dying by the time we reached the top. It was definitely worth it but just be aware that it is a serious climb. The top of the temple was breathtaking. The view was unreal! We could have stayed up there for hours! Hiking down was an adventure because we had the monkeys to deal with. They were everywhere! One monkey pulled an earring out of a girl’s ear! They weren’t afraid of people at all and I was terrified. Trent eventually got me to warm up to them and we were able to feed them some bananas and they sat on our laps. It was amazing.







Krabi was an incredible place to visit and I already want to go back. This trip was unforgettable and I’m so grateful that I was able to be here with T. Can’t wait to see where life takes us next!



Sometimes social media can be a negative thing but on the other hand, social media can also create so many opportunities for creativity and collaboration. Back in February, Trent and I won a shoot with Shutter Lush Photography. We got to meet and take pictures with the wonderful Paige Jackman and we’ve been able to stay in touch through the months. Here is that blog post.

 In June she texted and asked if we wanted to shoot again and I jumped at the opportunity. Trent couldn’t make this one but Paige was willing to just take me 🙂 Not only is she an amazing photographer but she has a serious sense of style and this shoot was nothing short of fantastic! We were going for a more boho vibe and I thought the clothes she picked were perfect. Antelope Island was absolutely gorgeous that morning and we couldn’t have picked a better spot. We were both amazed that we could drive two minutes down the road and find a completely different backdrop. It was so much fun and we were both giddy wandering around such a beautiful place! Although we were eaten alive by bugs that morning, I couldn’t be more grateful for a darling friend made through social media and the many opportunities this life presents us.

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Also, huge shout out to Bailey Schiess for hair and makeup. She is absolutly amazing at what she does! Find her on Instagram @schiessstyless.