Sometimes social media can be a negative thing but on the other hand, social media can also create so many opportunities for creativity and collaboration. Back in February, Trent and I won a shoot with Shutter Lush Photography. We got to meet and take pictures with the wonderful Paige Jackman and we’ve been able to stay in touch through the months. Here is that blog post.

Β In June she texted and asked if we wanted to shoot again and I jumped at the opportunity. Trent couldn’t make this one but Paige was willing to just take me πŸ™‚ Not only is she an amazing photographer but she has a serious sense of style and this shoot was nothing short of fantastic! We were going for a more boho vibe and I thought the clothes she picked were perfect. Antelope Island was absolutely gorgeous that morning and we couldn’t have picked a better spot. We were both amazed that we could drive two minutes down the road and find a completely different backdrop. It was so much fun and we were both giddy wandering around such a beautiful place! Although we were eaten alive by bugs that morning, I couldn’t be more grateful for a darling friend made through social media and the many opportunities this life presents us.

08 - BY3A7049.jpg

13 - BY3A7060.jpg

17 - BY3A7074.jpg

38 - BY3A7109.jpg.jpg

30 - BY3A7093.jpg

46 - BY3A7128.jpg

54 - BY3A7140.jpg

50 - BY3A7138-2.jpg

56 - BY3A7144.jpg

62 - BY3A7157-2.jpg

74 - BY3A7187.jpg

76 - BY3A7195.jpg

84 - BY3A7219.jpg

81 - BY3A7216.jpg

83 - BY3A7217.jpg

85 - BY3A7220.jpg

Also, huge shout out to Bailey Schiess for hair and makeup. She is absolutly amazing at what she does! Find her on Instagram @schiessstyless.


3 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. These pictures are beautiful! Especially you. You complete the picture with your beauty πŸ™‚ sorry if that all sounded sappy haha


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