Jacksons in Jackson

We haven’t had a legit family vacation in about 2 years and this vacation was nothing short of amazing! Not only did we have 4 new brother-in-laws to add to the fun but everything about it was perfect! We went up to a darling home in Victor Idaho and explored nature at it’s finest. The first day we got there, I came down with a terrible cold, so the family went and explored Jackson Hole and Trent took excellent care of me. Luckily I was MUCH better the next day!

All of these pictures were taken by my INCREDIBLE brother-in-law, Sam Featherstone. He has some serious skill! Go check out more of his work here!

Day two was spent rafting the Snake River and it was a total blast! Emma’s husband, Sam Featherstone, is amazing at a lot of things but he is also an excellent river guide. None of us died along the way although I’m sure some of us felt like we might.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.13.24 PM

Day three took us to Grand Teton National Park. We rode our bikes, swam in Jackson Lake and played all day. As we were swimming in the lake, Faith looked down and had a leech on her! We got it off but we were all a little freaked out after that, haha. The scenery up there is absolutely breathtaking and we loved every minute of it!









I’m so lucky to be apart of such a darling family! We get along so well and I can’t help but feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. I look up to each and every one of them!




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