Dancing through Life

Saturday Thoughts

I truly am reminded every single day what an adventure life is! Each day holds endless opportunities, endless amounts of goodness as well as endless amounts of uncertainty. Every day I go to school wondering what crazy, funny, awesome thing is going to happen today. (Those 5th graders are full of surprises and I’m also sick for the 10th time this year thanks to them…) Some days are more eventful than others but every day changes us, helps us learn and helps us grow.

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This week has been a week of trying to figure out what we are going to do with our lives. What should Trent get his degree in? How long will we live where we live? Where should I work next year? So many questions! Often Trent and I forget how young we are and start to stress about making big life decisions now.  It can become quite overwhelming really quickly but it was also a good week of reflection and discussion.

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As we talked this week, we reminded ourselves that we have time. Trent doesn’t need to know what he wants his profession to be right now, I don’t need to stress about the future right now. Yes, we understand that we need to be actively engaged in finding answers to these questions but we don’t need to let them cause anxiety and stress. We reminded ourselves that as we continue down the right roads, we will be lead to where we are supposed to be. My Mission President always told us that the Lord can’t steer a parked car. You’ve got to be moving and He will direct you and guide you along the way. So much peace comes from knowing that we have someone so much greater than us watching out for us.

Until then, we’re just going to keep moving, keep learning and continue dancing through life.

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