Modest Dresses

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Dresses are for days where I’m too lazy to put on pants. Anyone else agree? I find it so much easier to just slip on a dress than find two separate things to wear, not to mention they’re often cooler too! I have two clothing obsessions in life, dresses and swimsuits, and I have way too many of both of them. It’s bad. Trent always teases me when I buy another dress because my closet is full of them but I just can’t help it! Especially when I find a cute and less expensive dress. I’m toast!

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Cleo Madison’s modest dresses are my new obsession and I’m in love with all of their outfits. This particular dress is perfect for church or a more casual day. It fits nicely and the skirt flows beautifully as you walk. Not to mention, it has pockets! There is nothing better than a dress with pockets. They have so  many fun dresses, some more casual and others a bit fancier. Their boutique ranges from shirts, to dresses as well as a few swimsuits and shoes. All of them are $45 or less which is nothing short of a dream come true!

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Check out more of their modest dresses!




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