10 Easy Breakfast Ideas

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Mornings have always been hard for me. I press snooze until the very last minute, jump out of bed and then rush to work. With that in mind, breakfast is usually an afterthought. My mom always talked about breakfast being the most important meal and I often reflect on that when my stomach is growling at 10:00 that morning. I started thinking about how I could up my breakfast game. I’ve been making muffins that Trent and I can eat as we rush out the door but I’m struggling to find other things to do. Luckily I have some great friends and an awesome family that pitched in some incredible ideas and I wanted to share my top ten suggestions with you!




  1. Cut peppers, onions and your favorite sausage and put them in a tupperware. In the mornings, pour some into a pan with two eggs and you’ve got the perfect morning mix.
  2. Make a bunch of mini waffles and then freeze them. Pop into the toaster in the mornings. Genius!
  3. Yogurt Parfaits. Store in mason jars or little containers and throw fruit and granola in each morning.
  4. Eggs Muffins. Eggs, milk, veggies, protein, bake in a muffin tin. Grab and go in the mornings.
  5. Make bags of ready to make smoothies. Put everything you need in little ziplock bags except the liquid. Stick them in a freezer for ready to make smoothie packages. (I’m a fan of this one!)
  6. Cereal in a Mason jar for a totally “on-the-go” approach.
  7. Muffins. Muffins. Muffins.
  8. Overnight oats. Use the pioneer woman recipe found here.
  9. Like the waffle idea but instead of waffles make protein packed pancakes. Make a big batch on the weekend and warm up throughout the week.
  10. Ready to go breakfast burritos. Make them the weekend before with your favorite fillings, eggs, sausage, bacon, peppers etc. Individually wrap in tinfoil and store in the fridge. Unwrap and reheat in the mornings for an easy breakfast out the door.


Hopefully this helps spice up your morning routines! If you have any other suggestions, please drop them in the comments. I need all the help I can get!



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