Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from the Wards! We’ve had a crazy busy season around here but it feels so good to spend the holidays together. Although the break is definitely not long enough, it’s been so good to have some time to relax. We’ve done so much with family and Trent’s sister comes in from Texas today and we can’t wait to see all our nieces and nephews! It will be so fun! I am so grateful for family and friends! Trent and I are surrounded by some truly remarkable people!


For Christmas this year Trent’s sister surprised us with the nicest gift. She took pictures and ordered Christmas Cards for us! This is something I never would have thought to do myself and I loved that it was such a personal gift. Trent was a good sport during pictures and we got some good ones. No, that is not our dog, I wish! Ryder is Trent’s parents and although we sometimes feel like he is our dog, he’s not. We sure love him thought and he had to debut in some of the photos.

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We had one big snowstorm a couple weeks before Christmas and then up until Christmas it was all dry and warm. Luckily Christmas came with a miracle and it snowed all Christmas night long. I really do love the snow, especially in December (after that…not so much) Trent’s been hitting the mountains snowmobiling and I’ve been catching up on some much needed cleaning and relaxing. I can’t believe the break is already almost over. It’s crazy how fast time flies.


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Today it is bitter cold so I’m staying inside trying to keep warm. I’m so grateful for this wonderful time of year to reflect on family, our new goals and just how blessed we are. 2018 was an incredible year and I will do a whole post about it later. I can’t wait to see what adventures await. Life truly is wonderful.


Thanksgiving in Junction

Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays. It’s always been a holiday full of time with family and a break before the chaos of the Holiday season really hits. I’ve always loved it and this year was no exception.

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Thanksgiving Day was spent with Trent. Holidays aren’t always the easiest when you’re trying to figure out how to share families and figure out new traditions. We’ve learned lots over these past couple years and I’m always so grateful for how gracious and loving Trent is. I love building new traditions with him each year.


The day after Thanksgiving we took off to Junction Utah with my mom’s side of the family for a little weekend away. Junction is quite the tiny town and it was so refreshing to be off the grid and connecting with one another. We arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the day playing games and walking around the town. On one of our walks we were followed by a darling dog who we quickly grew to love. She had about 10 different names by the time we left and if I didn’t live in an apartment that had a no dog policy, she would definitely be ours.

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Lucky for us, Junction is about an hour away from Bryce Canyon National Park! I’ve never been to Bryce and it was absolutely incredible. The red rocks and amazing formations blew me away. I’ve lived in Utah my entire life and have never gotten out here. There are so many unique National Parks in Utah and I want to do a better job of getting out and seeing all of them.

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After Bryce, we went back to Junction for an delicious Thanksgiving feast and then began our journey home. It was a much needed weekend and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such incredible people. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others but it’s important to remember how blessed and lucky we are.


Happy Thanksgiving!