St. George, Utah


Dry, hot, beautiful St. George, Utah was the perfect location for our Jackson Family vacation this year. We stayed in a darling condo and had a blast soaking in all the sun. With the new babies in the family, things are starting to look a little different but it was still just as wonderful to be surrounded by family. I’m so blessed to have such incredible siblings and great parents.



We started the trip off spending two days at Sand Hollow State Park and it was a blast! Trent and I have been boating a lot this summer and I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is something so perfect about sitting on a boat out in the middle of the lake. It’s the best. We cracked out the old Skurfer (definitely look that up and be entertained) and I love it! It’s a mix between a wakeboard, slalom ski and surfboard. So fun! It was definitely hot but being surrounded by water made that a lot easier.

elizajwardphoto-28 On the 4th of July, my favorite Holiday, we took off to Gunlock Falls and it was incredible. The amount of water that was still pouring down the falls in mid-July was incredible. Some St. George locals said that this is the most water they’ve seen in July ever. We explored the falls, found a very safe place to cliff jump and had a great day! We finished the 4th by watching fireworks across the entire city from a balcony up high. It was so much fun!







The last night we went to the Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon State Park. We went around dusk and it was perfect. The sand wasn’t hot at all and we could have stayed and played all night long. We played KanJam and Frisbee and sat and chatted. It was a great ending to a perfect trip.








What a great trip and what a great summer!


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