Golden Days


Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but there is something about having a day off of school that is absolutely amazing. I feel like I’ve been running 100 miles a minute lately and it felt so good to take a day and relax. My body won’t let me sleep in but I stayed in bed till around 10:30 so that was a total win, haha. Trent came home from school and we had a completely peaceful morning and then we were off to do something fun!

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I love being married to Trent. Marriage is such an adventure with all the ups and downs but being in this adventure with T is such a blessing. He is always so positive and he works so hard! School this semester has not been easy on him but I’ve been so impressed by how hard he’s worked. I sure love him!

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Today we decided to go on a 4 wheeler ride up at his farm. This fall weather has been incredible and the farm has the best views! As we wove through the mountains, Trent led the way and I tried not to crash. Jk, I’ve gotten a lot better with machinery since knowing Trent. This is a ride we do every year and I love seeing how the mountains change.

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Funny story, when Trent and I were dating after our missions we had a moment that was kind of a make it or break it for us. We were both trying to figure out if we should continue in our relationship or who knows what? (Ugh…I’m so glad we’re married) It was a rough couple of days but we ended up going on a date and riding horses along this exact same trail during this exact same time of year. The ride was totally stressful because the sun set earlier than we thought and we were riding our horses in the dark…you can ask Trent about that one, haha. After the ride we came back and talked about “us”. Needless to say it was a good conversation and the rest is pretty much history. Every time I ride this trail I think of that day and how grateful I am that it all worked out.

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Trent was kind enough to let me takes some pics, haha. I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into with this photography thing. Sorry T!

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It was so wonderful to be up in the mountains, soaking up as much fall as physically possible and just being together. It was just a happy, golden day.  This life is crazy but there are so many happy, happy days to appreciate. Don’t forget to find the happy and take a day for yourself every once in a while. We all need it.


Nauvoo, Illinois

Wow, I am so behind…I was talking with Trent the other night about this space and we both agreed it is such a fun journal. So these next couple posts are probably more for us then for you but feel free to enjoy.

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This past summer my sister, Faith, had the incredible opportunity to be a Young Performing Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s 3 months full of dancing, singing, performing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in Nauvoo. It’s different from a full time proselyting mission in a lot of ways but a truly remarkable experience.

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Nauvoo holds a really special place in our families hearts as we have traveled here numerous times and had some truly sacred experiences. It was so much fun to bring all of our husbands back to see such a special place.

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Our oldest sister, Mary-Martha, was 7 months pregnant during this trip and let me tell you, she was such a trooper. I was so impressed by everyone patience and good humor as we traveled 20 hours across the United States. We had such an incredible time with endless inside jokes and hours of fun.

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One night our phones all went crazy with a tornado warning. All the girls stayed inside while the boys went to go watch the weather! It got pretty crazy but luckily the tornado missed us and we just experienced some wild wind and rain.

Faith did such an amazing job in all of her performances and it was so fun to see her again. I am so blessed to have the most incredible family and siblings. Trent kept commenting on how impressive it was that we were all so nice to each other on such a long journey, haha. It was such a great trip and I will cherish these memories forever!

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Playa Del Carmen Travels

Our trip to Mexico was nothing short of a dream. We loved exploring Mexico’s history and seeing all that it has to offer. We were only there for 6 days but we loved every minute of it. I would definitely recommend this vacation. So grateful for the notification from Pomelo Travel on cheap tickets that made this trip possible!

We stayed just south of Cancun in a city called Playa del Carmen or Playa and it was amazing! It’s a smaller city which is nice because everything felt so close. Tropical beaches, hopping 5th avenue and gorgeous views. Playa was amazing!

In Playa we stayed at a darling Botique Hotel called Newport House and we would stay there again in a heartbeat. It was a block away from 5th Ave, where all the shops and restaurants are, so you are close enough to walk there every night but far enough away to relax and have a quiet night if you wanted. The room was sparkling clean, the front desk was a dream to work with and we felt like we were coming home every time we entered our doors. It felt so safe and we couldn’t say enough good things about it. If you come to Playa, this is the place to stay.

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The first day we were there we went and visited the Tulum Ruins. We took an ADO bus (cheapest form of travel) and it took about 45 minutes to get there from Playa. It was so hot and we were both dripping with sweat but it was worth it! The ruins were amazing and it was so interesting to read about their history.

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On Saturday we woke up early and went on an excursion to swim with Whale Sharks. It was an absolutely incredible experience. They picked us up at our hotel around 6:00 a.m. and we drove up to Cancun. Once we arrived in Cancun we hopped on a boat and rode for about an hour. Once we arrived at the place where the whale sharks usually are we cruised around for about 30 more minutes till we spotted them. Once spotted we jumped in the water two at a time with our guide to swim with them. I was a little nervous jumping in at first but words cannot even begin to express what a breathtaking experience this was. The whale sharks were huge, like school bus sized, but they swam in the water with such grace that I was amazed. It was truly unforgettable! After we swam with the sharks for a little bit, we headed back to Isla Mujeres where the crew made us a delicious ceviche to eat and we relaxed on the beach. We were exhausted by the end of the day but it was such a cool adventure. We booked our excursion with Mexico Whale Shark and thought they were a great company to work with.


Sunday morning we went to church and then Trent convinced me to go fishing with him. Oh man, the things he can talk me into. We found a boat down on the shore, made them a good deal and we were off! We were out fishing for about 30 minutes when the captain yelled that they hooked something! Trent hopped into the fighting chair and reeled in a big Mahi Mahi fish. It was hilarious to watch because everyone was freaking out and I was simply trying to stay in the tiny boat. Trent was on cloud nine. We took the boat back to shore and the crew recommended a restaurant we could take the fish to to get cooked up. The restaurant was amazing and they fed us for two nights off Trent’s fish. It was so good! Best fish tacos I’ve ever had!

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Monday we went Scuba Diving and this was probably our favorite part of the trip! We went with Deep Dive Mexico and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thailand Scuba Diving kind of freaked me out so I was a little nervous going into this experience. Our instructor, Marcel, was so incredibly patient and worked with us through everything before we even got in the water. All the equipment was well taken care of and I felt so safe. It is a smaller company which I loved because it was a much more intimate experience. We truly feel like we made a new friend with our instructor! We learned in a pool for a little bit and then went on two gorgeous dives in the ocean. We saw eels and lion fish and other amazing sea life. There is something so amazing about Scuba Diving and this experience made me want to dive more often. We loved every minute! If you are wanting to try out Scuba for the first time, Deep Dive Mexico is the company to do that with. It was amazing!

Tuesday was spent at the XPLOR park in Playa. It was fun to do a different activity than the other ones we’d done that week. XPLOR is almost like an adventure amusement park. They had huge ziplines, drives through the jungle, swimming through caves and some other fun activities. It’s all inclusive, which is nice, and just a fun day activity.


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Darling suit from Nani Swimwear

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Everyday when we came home for our day activity we would relax by the pool, swim for a little bit and then head to 5th Ave. There were the most delicious restaurants and the night life was so much fun! We recommend exploring 5th Avenue when it’s cooler at night because walking around in Mexico during the day is brutal.

We had so much fun on this trip and will definitely be back! It was incredible! Please reach out if you have any questions. We would love to tell you more!

Modest Dresses

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Dresses are for days where I’m too lazy to put on pants. Anyone else agree? I find it so much easier to just slip on a dress than find two separate things to wear, not to mention they’re often cooler too! I have two clothing obsessions in life, dresses and swimsuits, and I have way too many of both of them. It’s bad. Trent always teases me when I buy another dress because my closet is full of them but I just can’t help it! Especially when I find a cute and less expensive dress. I’m toast!

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Cleo Madison’s modest dresses are my new obsession and I’m in love with all of their outfits. This particular dress is perfect for church or a more casual day. It fits nicely and the skirt flows beautifully as you walk. Not to mention, it has pockets! There is nothing better than a dress with pockets. They have so  many fun dresses, some more casual and others a bit fancier. Their boutique ranges from shirts, to dresses as well as a few swimsuits and shoes. All of them are $45 or less which is nothing short of a dream come true!

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Check out more of their modest dresses!



Summer Time

School is out for the summer and for some reason, life’s been just as busy as when I was teaching. It’s crazy to me how the days fill up so fast and I forget to take time to enjoy this break. Trent’s taking Chemistry this summer so that also adds to the busyness but luckily we still find time to do some fun things! We’ve loved hanging out with our families and exploring Utah. Trent and I talked about going on a big trip this summer but nothing perfect seemed to come around. elizaphoto (26 of 41)

Yesterday I got an email about cheap tickets to Cancun and on a whim, we booked them! Ah! I’m a little nervous about this last minute trip but I couldn’t be more excited to spend some quality time with T. Neither of us have been to Cancun so we need all the advice. Where are the best places to stay, fun things to do? Give us all the info!

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So grateful for this crazy, adventurous life we have!