Birthday Adventures

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Sometimes I’m a little reluctant to join Trent on his adventures. I worry about all the things I probably should be doing or I get a little nervous because I’m just not as brave as he is. Trent sometimes has to really talk me into these things. However, I am always so grateful that I went once we’ve gone. I love the car rides traveling to and from our destination, I love the wonderful conversations Trent and I have, I love the gorgeous views we stumble across and I simply love being with Trent. Every adventure we go on brings us closer and closer together and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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This Saturday we went and explored Guardsman Pass up Big Cottonwood Canyon. The snow really hasn’t been great this year but we’re trying to make the most of it. We explored the trails, found big clearings to play in and had so much fun! There are so many gorgeous cabins up there and the scenery was spectacular.

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I’m not very good on a snowmobile but I’ve loved learning more and more with Trent as we go more often. He is incredible on those things and they mostly scare me to death. It’s fun to have a way to travel to unknown spots in the mountains and explore places no one else has been. I’m hoping for one more big snow storm this year so that we can go at least a couple more times before the season is over.

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It was Trent’s birthday on Friday and this adventure was part of the celebratory weekend. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is always finding the fun and the good in life!

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!



Today, February 2nd, may or may not be my favorite day of the whole year…it totally is. I am in love with birthdays. Is there anything more fun than celebrating someone you love for a whole day? I don’t think so! So I am especially in love with today because I get to celebrate my favorite person’s birthday! Trent is turning 23. Woot! Woot! Best day ever!!!

Tonight we are going out with Trent’s family. Tomorrow is his birthday date! Wahoo! And Sunday we’re celebrating with my side of the family. So much to look forward to!

I’ve known Trent for a long time…in fact, I think it was around this exact time 6 years ago that we first became friends in math class. Emma and I switched into that class at the beginning of the semester and we sat right next to Trent. I thank Heavenly Father often for that little miracle.


So..for Trent’s birthday I thought I would tell you 23 things I love about Trent.

  1. He loves me…all the time. Even when I’m grumpy or moody or just plain tricky to love. He loves me.
  2. His willingness to learn about things that I love. I think in the past couple years Trent has heard more about dance, music and teaching than he had his entire life.
  3. His willingness to share the things he loves with me. Trent could easily take a buddy on his adventures but more often then not, he invites me.
  4. Trent is always happy. Even when it’s the worst situation possible and there is no reason to be happy, he finds a way to be happy.
  5. His love for the outdoors. He loves to be outside, doing everything and anything.
  6. His stories. Trent has some crazy stories from his teenage years and I could listen to them forever.
  7. I love Trent’s willingness to try new things with me. It may not be the first thing on his list, but he is always so supportive.
  8. He always knows what to do. We’ve had our fair share of dangerous situations and I’m always amazed at how Trent pulls through. (Just ask me about when our boat caught on fire…)
  9. I love how Trent loves his mission. Whenever he talks about it, it’s with a passion and a love that amazes me every time.
  10. He has such an adventurous spirit. He thinks of the wildest ideas and then somehow convinces me to tag along and I always have fun. teengagements-98
  11. He loves Mexican food as much as me.
  12. He has a scary good Paul Walker impersonation.
  13. He loves to make new friends.
  14. I love how much Trent loves the Gospel and how much he loves teaching Sunday School in our Ward. (The kids in his class bring treats every week so what’s not to love but still.)
  15. I love how much Trent loves all of his family but especially his Mom. They have the sweetest relationship and I love it.
  16. I love how much Trent loves my family! He is always so go with my little sisters and we all love having him around.
  17. I love that Trent picked me. He could have picked anyone in the world, and he picked me. We had a wild ride after our missions (story for another time) but I just feel so blessed that he chose me.
  18. I love Trent’s hands. They always show the stresses of life but they also show the adventures of life and I can do anything with his hand in mine.
  19. I love how respectful Trent is of me.
  20. His adventures. There is nothing like them. Sometimes they’re planned and other times we just pull over on the side of the road and go climb a mountain. Never a dull moment with this wonderful boy.
  21. I love what an incredibly hard worker Trent is.
  22. I love how Trent and I can be so goofy together. The other day we were saying something back and forth to each other  and someone asked if we were quoting a movie…nope, that’s just our life.teengagements-65
  23. I simply love life with him. There is nothing better.

I am forever grateful for my forever adventure buddy, my love and best friend.

Happy Birthday darling!

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