A Day for Flying


I always love it when I see Trent calling me during odd hours of the day (when he should be in class) because it always means something exciting is about to happen. Today it meant that class was canceled and it was time to go flying. Our friend Kyle just recently got his pilots license and Trent has been wanting to go up with him forever. Today was the day and what a beautiful day it was. We’ve been experiencing some truly gorgeous November weather. Luckily I got to tag along on this adventure and we headed out to the airport. It was fascinating to see all the little planes on the runway and walk through the tiny airport. Kyle is very knowledgeable and made sure to educate us on what was going on. They walked around the plane a couple times got all ready to go and then I stood clear. I was incredibly close to hopping in that plane with them but apparently the wind was blowing a little too strong and Kyle didn’t want to freak me out which was a very valid concern, I tend to freak easily.


Isn’t that the smallest plane you have ever seen?




They look like kids on Christmas!

Watching them take off was a strange mix of excitement and serious anxiety. Thankfully they landed safely and Trent couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was and when they can go up again. Maybe the next pictures you see I’ll be up there with them, but as for now, I’m content just watching from the ground. I think perspective in gained from being down and looking up as well as being up and looking around. What an remarkable experience.