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The Fall weather in Utah this year has been nothing short of glorious! The leaves have lasted for so long and the days are still perfectly pleasant. I definitely prefer the warmth over the cold so I’m holding on to every last minute of warmth until winter hits. I’m always so happy when fall hangs on just a bit longer and this year has been the best. The leaves are stunning and the mountains are covered with color. Trent and I try to find time outside together and we always talk about how life’s problems seem to get a little smaller when you get outside and enjoy the world around you. The other night we went on a bike ride out by Farmington bay and almost died by mosquitoes but it was still a blast. πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky to have married a man who loves to adventure and even though I sometimes need to be convinced of an idea, it always ends up being just what I needed. I love my adventurous life and adventures call for Thread Wallets.

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I wear a lanyard everyday for work and usually people know when I’m coming down the hall because it jingles as I walk. It holds everything that I need for the school day and I always freak out a little bit when I misplace it. When my old lanyard broke a couple weeks ago, I was so bummed! Luckily, Thread Wallets came in to save the day! Thread Wallets is a company that makes wallets, phone cases and lanyards. They have full length lanyards as well as wrist length lanyards and their wallets are simple and perfect. All the patterns are unique and stylish, not to mention they are local! I love supporting local Utah brands and feel like they always have such great quality products. Thread Wallets is no exception and I’ve loved my new lanyard.

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Whether I’m wandering around the classroom or adventuring with T, this lanyard has been a perfect addition. Here’s to enjoying this wonderful fall weather while it lasts!



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We’ve had weeks of gorgeous spring weather around here and then when Saturday came, Β it was pouring rain. I was just planning on sitting on the couch all day but luckily I have a husband who is always up for something fun!

Trent’s brother in law asked him to take care of a this darling jeep that he was gifting to his wife for Mothers Day and boy did we take care of it. πŸ˜‰ (Don’t worry, we had complete permission to take it up in the mountains and we gave the car a solid wash when we were done, I promise!)

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We went up to Saratoga Springs and cruised through the mountains all afternoon. It was a complete blast! They have tons of trails weaving all through the mountains for four wheelers, side by sides and little red jeeps.

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I am so grateful for Trent and the wonderful adventure we call life. I have 10 days left of school and although I’m going to miss the little kiddos I teach, I can’t wait to have more time with Trent. This has been an exhausting school year for me and I’m excited to actually have more energy to be able to do things with T. This summer we have some fun things planned and I can’t wait, but until then, here’s to rainy weekend adventures!

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Goodness, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted. Life’s been crazy but I’m glad to be back here. I’ll post a little catch-up post soon but this is a summer adventure that deserved it’s own little post.

My mom’s dad, Grandpa Frank as his grandkids call him, is amazing. Growing up he could always be found gardening, hiking, supporting, and loving. He’s in better shape than most of his grandchildren…one year he beat us all in the plank challenge. Impressive, I know. Not only is he active physically but his endless wisdom ceases to amaze us as we ask him for advice, help on papers, answers to tough questions and any other thing we need help with. His example of love for his wife, Grandma Kate, is nothing short of beautiful and we all look up to him in every way. His life hasn’t been perfect, you should hear some of his stories πŸ˜‰ but he is a spectacular example of enjoying the journey and living life to the fullest.


As long as I can remember, every 24th of July he leads us on the Alta to Brighton hike. Supposedly this tradition has existed longer than I’ve been alive and every year we look forward to this summer adventure. Our numbers are growing rapidly, but every year this hike happens and it’s one of our favorite traditions.

We start early in the morning with Grandpa at the lead and we hike from Alta to Lake Mary near Brighton. At Lake Mary, we pull out the snacks. Pepper jack cheese, salami, crackers and grapes are all staples with some trail mix thrown in there as well. We talk, laugh and simply enjoy one each others company in the beautiful mountains.


















After our lunch at Lake Mary we finished the hike down to Brighton Ski Resort.







Siblings who we couldn’t live without, cousins who are more like best friends, aunts and uncles who have raised us right alongside our parents. Family is truly what makes life so meaningful. How grateful I am for the traditions of life and for wonderful Grandpa’s, Grandma’s, parents, leaders and teachers who lead the way in this crazy journey we call life.