The first question I get asked when others find out that I’m a twin is, “So what’s it like?” Let me tell you. Having a twin is being born with the greatest friend in the entire world who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself. It’s never having to go anywhere alone (which can actually be a bad thing because now I freak if I ever have to go anywhere by myself, seriously), it having a partner in crime for all schemes that get cooked up (just ask my mama), and its having someone that always understands where you’re coming from (no matter how absurd the situation may be).


The second question I get asked is whether or not we’ve ever tricked anybody on purpose (it happens all the time on accident). April Fools Day was always our day to swap classes and trick our teachers. Our teachers often didn’t get it until we flunked our spelling test or had no idea what was going on in class, but all our classmates were giggling right alongside us. We had a lot of fun together growing up.


We were inseparable before we both left to serve LDS missions, Emma went to South Carolina and I was off to Texas. We had never spent more than 24 hours apart from each other and I was a bit nervous that I was going to miss her too much. Thankfully I felt Emma with me every step of the way. Our reunion after the mission was something I will never forget.

Life after coming home got crazy and about a year later Emma got engaged to Sam. I remember being so happy but also being a tad worried about what the future might hold for us. Lucky for me, its the exact same. We both have our husbands who mean more than the world to us but we still have that twinship that will stick with us forever.


I always wondered what it would be like to marry a twin. Lucky for me, Trent’s known Emma for so long he loves her just about as much as I do. Emma was our supportive third wheel throughout all of high school 🙂 I remember one night, after the mission, sitting at the table with my dad and Emma talking about relationship drama and Emma simply stated, “Well I’m team Trent.” like it was some Twilight saga. Thankfully I listened to her.


I feel so blessed to have the siblings that I do, but I feel extra spoiled to have Emma by my side. God must have been super happy with me the day he stuck us two together.


Funny side note about this picture: Trent and I weren’t dating at the time but for some reason we were beginning to talk quite a bit. I had sent this picture to him and he had responded with something witty. Emma simply rolled her eyes and said, “You two are totally getting back together.” Twin intuition at its finest.

Love you Em!