Finding Joy


I love people. I love meeting new people, learning about who they are and what makes them who they are. I also love people watching. Sounds creepy but I really could sit at the mall and watch people for hours on end. It’s so fascinating! I’m always amazed when I look into a crowd of people and realize that every single person has a story. A story so vastly different than mine and yet I’m sure we can find some similarities in there as well. How cool is that? Everyone has a story.

We live in a world made for comparison. We constantly see images of others peoples lives, see updates, see the success that others are having etc. etc. Social Media is a wild place. I’ve had my fair share of conversations with many people about the positives and negatives of social media. I agree there are a number negative things associated with social media and I also agree that a lot of good can come from sharing our lives with those around us. Often we can fall into the trap of comparing our stories with the ones we see on our feeds. A lot of “why don’t I…” and “that doesn’t seem fair…” comments arise and I am definitely guilty of falling into the hole. What’s important to remember is that each of our stories are so incredibly unique to our own situation that comparison is almost impossible. In a blessing I received a long time ago, it said that I would learn to find joy in the success of others. What a joyful idea! To find happiness when others succeed instead of instantly comparing their lives to mine. It’s also an interesting idea. How can I partake of someone else’s success if I’m not benefiting from it at all? I have a feeling that it’s not only possible but it will help ease the comparing, slow down the worries and make your own lives that much more enjoyable.

My challenge this week to myself and to whoever wants to join with me is to find joy in your own successes but also the success that others have. Let’s see what happens 🙂


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